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Temple Within Travels

Exploring Sacred Sites Around the World Since 2008

TO WALK IN PILGRIMAGE – to hear the call and our soul’s response. To walk awhile in consciousness. To move into a place of union with the Divine. To fill the ache that lies within. An ancient calling that goes beyond time and space.

We start our journey in ceremony, calling upon the Great Earth Mother in Her many faces, to guide us as we move ever gently onwards and inwards allowing the flow of Her nature to carry us forward in honour to Her sacred body.

As part of our journey upon the Way, we will gather the threads and weave ourselves whole: as powerful and light-filled Souls. We will sing and chant, we will dance and move and there will be times when we will hold the silence and bear witness. For we come together to hear the pulse of Her nature and the beat of Her Heart through the inner and outer landscapes of Herself/ourselves.

We will have specific shamanic teachings and activations at certain of the Sacred Sites.

Learn more about our host, Irish Seabhean, Amantha Murphy at

ITINERARY for 2023

We will fly in the evening from the USA on Friday, September 22nd and overnight in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday, September 23rd

Amantha and our tour driver Rose will pick us up in Bunratty on Sunday morning, September 24th.


We travel down to Co. Kerry, the home of Ana/Anu, the great Mother Goddess and will be stopping at the Grange Stone Circle for our opening ceremony and visiting a Megalithic Tomb. We then move on to Killarney, stopping en-route for a blessing of the waters at Brigit’s well.

The Grange Stone Circle is dedicated to Áine, Sun Goddess and Fairy Queen. It is here, at the summer solstice, that the first rays of the sun move through the two dolmen stones into the centre of the largest stone circle in Ireland. The Goddess Áine is beloved of her people and guards the land. This circle is one of Ireland’s most beautiful, comprising of 123 standing stones, with a high earth bank surrounding it, helping to maintain its otherworldly space inside. Moving on from the Grange Stone Circle, we visit a unique Megalithic Tomb from the B.C era.

ACC: Greenane House, Killarney, Co Kerry We begin our Journey together at the place of Aine - Summer solstice Goddess and Fairy Queen - where we attune to the Land of our ancestors and, for some, other lives. We ask Aine to inspire us with her light and open us to that place 'betwixt & between' as we travel on together. We will call upon a totem of the land here to accompany us on our Sacred Journey together. 

DAY 2 Monday 25th Sept - DINGLE – BEEHIVE HUTS & SLEA HEAD (B)

9:00am attunement

Today we visit the glorious Dingle Peninsula with its wealth of Megalithic, Neolithic and early Christian sites.

Here you will enjoy the rare beauty of the light and colour of the Atlantic Ocean stretching out before you. Dingle is one of the few places that still speak the native language and there are summer schools for students to catch up on one of the compulsory subjects in school here. One of Dingle’s earlier names is ‘Duibhne’ an ancient Goddess and the peninsula ‘Corca Dhuibhne’. In the 16th century there was a extensive trade and even holidays between Spain and Dingle and this was the main reason for Dingle's importance, also the town was a embarkation point for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela to visit the shrine of St. James. It is said that the medieval church in Dingle, dedicated to St. James, was built by the Spanish.

We will visit Reask Monastic site and Kilmalkedar church with its ancient Sun Stone and spend some time in lively Dingle town with its port and famous local dolphin Fingi. Late afternoon and early evening is free time in Dingle Town . ACC: Greenane House, Killarney, Co Kerry The land and the energies overlap here on the peninsula of Dingle. Some of our first peoples landed here and as each new people arrived they too, were taken up with the magic and mystery of the vibrations so that the voices here come forth across time and space.

DAY 3 Tuesday 26th Sept – THE CITY, WATERFALL, FAIRY GLEN & MUCKROSS ABBEY (B&D) 9:00am attunement

We will visit the city which sits at the foot of the ‘Paps’. This is where one of the four great cities of the Tuatha dé Danann, the Gods and Goddesses of our land resided. The Tuatha dé Danann were known for their magic and worshipped the Mother Goddess Anu. It was here that they placed two cairns atop the mountains above the City and worshipped them as the breasts of the Great Mother (Paps) over five thousand years ago. Much later, when the first Celts came and conquered the land, the four great cities of the Tuatha dé Danann arose and moved into another plane of existence.

We move from here to the black waterfall and a fairy glen where the energies can literally bounce off of you….

After lunch there is plenty of time to explore the area around the ruins of Muckross Abbey, where the Franciscan monks built around the several hundred-year-old Yew tree. It is said that the Abbey was built over an earlier ministry from the 6th Century. The Abbey lies within Killarney National Park which is the largest national park at 10,000 hectares/ 24.700 acres and was the first, national park in Ireland. ACC: Greenane House, Killarney, Co Kerry

We travel to site of one of the four cities of the Tuatha dé Danann - our Shining Ones and Deities of the land - to the place of the Great Mother. I gently lead you into communing with the Mother to bless us on our Journey of within & without and we move down to attune with our 'Fore-mothers' and all those womyn who held this sacred space for over 5,000 years. We begin our journey of re-weaving and re-membering ourselves whole again. On to commune with the Fairy Folk.


9:00am attunement

Today we carry our work and teachings out onto the land and visit first the Ardgroom Stone Circles before we move on to the Cailleach Beara, the place of the Crone Goddess, part of our Triple Goddesses. The story is that the wise hag Goddess turned to stone while waiting for her consort, the God of the Sea, Manannan Mac Lir. We then move on to the Ballycrovane Ogham Stone, which stands at 17 feet and is said to be the largest Ogham stone in Ireland and is known to be much older than its Ogham inscription. Ogham writing was the first known writing in Ireland and was, for many centuries, known as the Druid’s sacred and secret language.

We stop awhile in Kenmare, known in Irish as An Neidín meaning ‘little nest’, and the picturesque town is indeed nestled within the mountains. You will have time to peruse the town and eat. ACC: Greenane House, Killarney, Co Kerry

“Old am I, even older than the Hag of Beara” so says one of our earliest Irish poems. The stone known as the Hag of Beara looks out to sea. Some say she is watching for her lover to return, older stories tell us she is protecting the land from invasions. All know that She is the deity that holds the fabric of the land and that we all, will return to Her. The Ogham stone is a ‘standing wave’ between the star people and our living Mother Earth. Ardgroom Stone circles hold the energies of our early peoples who held ceremony in this place.

DAY 5 Thursday 1st Oct –– INISFALLEN ISLAND R&R (B)

9:00am attunement

This morning we will visit the Sacred Isle of Inisfallen, held within the lower lake of Killarney, for a ceremony.

This Island was once a place of sacredness for Priestesses of the Goddess. It later became a center of learning and Healing with monasteries up until the Reformation. The first writing as we know it, was from Inisfallen Island.

The afternoon is a time for writing, rest and relaxation. You might like to shop, visit Muckross Park and House, have a ride on a jaunting cart around the lower lake, or perhaps a walk in the National Park, the largest in Ireland. ACC: Greenane House, Killarney, Co Kerry

We will hold ceremony within the sacred temple, before the coming of the Christians, and look to release what we have carried with us.

Surrounded by water we allow our emotions to flow and gather our feelings into the nurturing space of Self as the deep peace of the Island fills us. 

DAY 6 Friday 2nd Oct – – RATHCROCHAN (B&D)

We leave Kerry and journey to Rathcroghan, burial site of the Chieftains who were chosen to lie with ‘Maebh’. We will start at the interpretive centre, where myth and story blend and mingle. On then to the Raths of Rathcroghan where the concerts of Maebh, who through lying with Maebh at Bealtaine, became the Head Chieftains of the land, are buried. It was here that Maebh, one of our Great Earth Goddesses lived and our greatest epic tale, ‘the Tain’ began.

Lunch in Rathcroghan

We will visit the Samhain ‘Cave of the Cats’ to connect with our ancestors and those that feel ready and able to, will go down into the cave to commune with the ancestors of this place. The whole area of Rathcroghan is over-layered in ritual and magic.

We move on to our lodging with our wonderfully kind hosts Maria and Joe Duignan at Lisserlough House, Sligo (no website – see photos below)

DAY 7 Saturday 3rd Oct – CREVVYKEEL & CARROWMORE (B&D)

9:00am attunement

This morning we first Creevykeel, which is a wonderful example of a Court Tomb and, in opening the portals, we should be able to begin to feel the presence of those who still hold this sacred space.

After lunch we will visit Carrowmore, , which has the greatest concentration of megalithic sites in Europe, some as old as 5,400 BC with over 30 passage cairns. The great builders of our megalithic sites first landed here in the west and Carrowmore is the first of the legacies they have left us.

ACC: Maria and Joe, Lisserlough House, Sligo

As we visit these ancient sites we should begin to find ourselves moving deeper and deeper into our essence and moving/flowing towards integration.

DAY 8 Monday 4th Oct – THE GLEN & SEAWEED BATHS (B&D) 9:00am attunement

This morning we travel down, to the Glen as we prepare to move forward again from our place of betwixt and between. The Glen is a place that is indeed held betwixt and between so we will Journey here to gather all that we need before we move forward again.

In the afternoon we will conclude our day by immersing ourselves in the Seaweed baths by the Atlantic Sea in Strandhill. ACC: Maria and Joe, Lisserlough House, Sligo

Moving within and moving down as we flow ourselves betwixt and between. Finishing with a seaweed bath to fill ourselves with the presence of the great waters of life and vitality.


9:30am Group attunement at John’s

This morning we start our day with group work.

John the Woodland Bard will gently guide you into Walking the Labyrinth before we lunch, which is prepared is prepared by John. After, we will have the pleasure of listening to the stories and magical music with the Bard John and his partner harpist Claire Roache. Then its home-made scones with plenty of cream and jam before we journey down to Bunratty for our last night together. ACC: Maria & Joe’s

We start the day with Inner work to align ourselves with all we have experienced before we move onto delving into our Labyrinth of Self and immersing ourselves in the best of Irish music and stories of our Tree Brethren.

Day 10 Tuesday 6th Oct - SHANNON AIRPORT FOR 8:00a.m.

A sad farewell ‘til we meet again….

Cost for the 10 Day Sacred Journey: EUROS 2200 - EUROS 200 extra for single occupancy for all 10 nights & EUROS 110 for single occupancy for 6 of the 10 nights. – Covers all breakfasts, 6 dinners of the 9 dinners, 2 lunches, all entrance fees, transport, Seaweed Baths, Shamanic teaching, plus 1st night in Ireland on 26th Sept at Bunratty Courtyard with pick up on 27th Sept from Bunratty Courtyard & drop off on 6th Oct to Shannon Airport, as stated in Itinerary above.

Flights and insurance are not included. You can go to to search for an insurance policy that meets your needs. You must purchase travel insurance.

NOTE: This trip requires an overnight flight to arrive in Ireland. We strongly suggest you arrive a day early to sleep and rejuvenate from your travels. The tour activities begin on the first day of the trip. Lodging at Bunratty Courtyard Guesthouse in Bunratty Village is booked for your first and last night. I will arrange for you, as a group, to be picked up by a Taxi from Shannon Airport. Bunratty Village only about 12 minutes’ drive from the airport. The village itself is easy to navigate. You have Bunratty Castle and Folk Village, which is well worth a visit for those who need to stretch their legs in the afternoon. There are two pubs in the village, who offer meals plus traditional music in the evenings, as well as a small restaurant and bar which also serves food, right next to Bunratty Courtyard Guesthouse.

To request a booking form, please email Denise King Francisco at [email protected]